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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to attend the Fourth International Scientific Conference of researchers, teachers, engineers and students "Intelligence Systems in Industry and Education - 2013", which will be held November 6-8, 2013 in Sumy State University on the basis of Computer Science Department. Conference website provides access for material in the format of Internet forum for comments and suggestions of expert and reviewers, participants online dialogue.


Conference Objectives

  • Exchange of new ideas, theoretical and practical results of the analysis, synthesis and maintenance of management systems weakly formalized processes in industry and education;
  • Discussion of trends of development of analysis methods, synthesis and maintenance of management systems;
  • Establishment of new relations and cooperation between organizations and individuals;
  • Integration of scientists efforts and experts to accelerate the implementation of research results;


The main directions of the conference

  • Distance Learning: Theory and Practice;
  • Methods of assessing the knowledge of machine;
  • Design Basics telecommunications information and learning environment;
  • Classification management of complex technological processes;
  • Signal processing and pattern recognition;
  • Using of intelligent systems in various areas of socio-economic spheres of society (technology, ecology, economics, medicine, society, nanotechnology, etc.).


The Conference Program Committee

Averchenkov V.I. - D.S., professor, honoured worker of science of the Russia Federation (Bryansk, Russia)

Borisenko O.A. D.S., professor (Sumy, Ukraine)

Jan Genci D.S., professor (Kosice, Slovakia)

Kovalenko O.S. – D.S., professor (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Koshoviy M.D. – D.S., professor (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Lavrov E.A. D.S., professor (Sumy, Ukraine)

Manako A.F. D.S., professor (Kiev, Ukraine)

Muhamediev R.I. D.S., professor (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Sokolov O.Y. D.S., professor (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Chapliga V.N. D.S., professor (Lviv, Ukraine)

Fedorovich O.E. D.S., professor (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Harnish D.L. D.S., professor (Nebraska, USA)

Margarov G.I. D.S., professor (Yerevan, Armenia)


The Conference Executive Committee


Dovbish A.S. D.S., professor, Head of Computer sciences department of Sumy State University (SSU)

The Executive Committee Members

Obodyak V.K. Ph.D., associate professor of Computer sciences department (SSU)

Shapovalov S.P. Ph.D., associate professor of Computer sciences department (SSU)

Shelehov I.V. Ph.D., senior teacher of Computer sciences department (SSU)

Executive Secretaries

Vostotskiy V.O. – assistant of Computer sciences department (SSU)

Stadnyk A.A. Ph.D. student of Computer science department (SSU)


Information Letter

Download the first information letter.


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